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Why I Joined Our Global Idea

Why I joined OGI by Giorgos Drosoulakis
From Giorgos Drosoulakis

For starters, I am using the products … actually its services.

 Since 1998, I have been emailing to my ever growing 35,000 plus opt-in lists … I actually did a quick math, and I must have broadcasted more than 12,000,000 (yes, twelve million) emails! 


If it’s not me using the Olympic Marketing System lead page builder, its built-in autoresponders, ezine broadcaster and the UNLIMITED number of emails, then who? 


In addition, Our Global Idea «Software as a Service» products fit perfectly to the main theme of my business, at www.emporiko-oplostasio.com …. I am serving small business owners by providing them with the information, education and the right tools to succeed online. 


Not only do these professionals benefit from the Our Global Idea services at rock bottom prices but they also receive valuable training for free. 


Further more these same professionals, are the IDEAL prospects for me, to join the Our Global Idea business opportunity … why? 


Well, I been dealing in my business life with this group, and I must confess that they possess the mind set of a businessman (or woman) in the real world …

… they do understand the basics of running a business and their chances of succeeding are higher than the average mlmer.

 In other words, I don’t want to limit my market to just network marketing types.


Not been a typical MLMer myself, I find the entrepreneurial types easier to work with, and Our Global Idea provides me with the opportunity to start an honest business relationship with them. 


Some last words about my joining Our Global Idea 

No matter what you ‘ve been told, the internet has changed the game for the MLM industry as it has for the majority of other business fields.

Once online, the duplication concept becomes an obsolete dinosaur … whether you like it or not (or your upline sponsors for that matter) to survive in the Internet age, you must target and serve a specific market niche (or niches) … you must be UNIQUE!

Our Global Idea offers the open minded entrepreneurial types a real world opportunity to serve hundreds, even thousands of niche markets in all the languages of the world… 


 … and build an International network at the same time! 

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